Brokerage Clerks

Prospects: Favorable

*According to projected annual openings and year-over-year growth
Perform duties related to the purchase, sale or holding of securities. Duties include writing orders for stock purchases or sales, computing transfer taxes, verifying stock transactions, accepting and delivering securities, tracking stock price fluctuations, computing equity, distributing dividends, and keeping records of daily transactions and holdings.

Current openings

Commodities Clerk 1
Securities Clerk 45

Number of positions

2012: 8,690    2014: 8,400

Annual job postings

New: 0    Replacement: 250
(Total: 250)   

Salaries in NYC

Starting at:
Up to:

Educational requirements

Minimum education:
High school diploma or equivalent

Work experience:

On-the-job training:
Moderate-term on-the-job training

Education level achieved by workers


Sources: New York State Department of Labor, U.S. Department of Labor.